A&R Miniatures / by Cindy Gonzales

A&R Miniatures has been in business for about three years.  Rose has been an active part of the miniature community for over 15 years.  Alvin retired from his career as an electrical engineer and began his miniature career when he created a 1/12 scale flickering LED log set.  A & R Miniatures now has 2 versions of log sets that are 12 volt a/c or d/c powered and feature flickering flames and glowing embers.  Our Charred Oak version also comes in a battery powered version.  The lasted addition to the line is Quarter Scale log sets. 

We make pillar Candles  with flickering flames.  The realistic looking candles come in several colors. The candle holders are metal with  simulated gold or silver finish.  Specific  color candles and holder are available for order. There are three different heights of holders and different versions of dripping candles.

We make Christmas trees in 12 volt a/c or d/c or battery powered versions.  The Christmas trees have 30 LED warm white lights installed and come with 12 ornaments, a tree skirt, and a star for the top.  We carry 6” and 8” trees.

We have Wizard’s Tables that come with three flickering candles and are powered by with 12 volt a/c or d/c or a battery (all of which is tucked up under the table top). The tables come with either a light or dark stain finish and a choice of candle styles.   For Halloween, we have pumpkins with flickering candles inside in either 12 volt a/c or d/c or battery powered.  We have skeletons with glowing eyes and a beating heart (battery powered only). Lastly we have Caldrons in two sizes that have flickering flames around the base and green glowing contents (whatever the contents may be). 
 For that special patron, we have 1/12th scale log sets with sound and a Caldron with sound.

A&R will be in the wholesale/retail section of the Mardi Gras Ballroom.

See A&R Miniatures at the CIMTA 2017 Show!

January 23rd, 2017 - Wholesale Only

January 24th, 2017 - Wholesale until  12:00PM and then Retail until 5:00 PM.