Shaker Works West / by Beverly Simon

Shaker Works West

I am happy to see Shaker Works West exhibit with us. Ken Byers is known for his shaker & country primitive furniture, dollhouse shaker furniture, antique globes, typewriters, radios, washing machines, and much more. Dr. Byers has been making furniture for the past 30 years. While living in New Hampshire he noticed the Shaker ideals of simplicity, integrity, and honest in Shaker goods (especially furniture). Good work was the embodiment of the Shaker spiritual partnership with God. This in addition to the appreciation for Shaker purism and functionalism became the basis for his love affair with the furniture. 

Ken began young as he built airplanes from scratch. At 15 he won a college scholarship by designing and building a model car for GM Fisher Body Craftsman Guild. He since made models of just about everything. His interest in people lead to a Ph.D. in psychology and two published books on being male in contemporary America. He also served as an adjunct professor at San Francisco State University.


See Shaker Works West at the CIMTA 2017 Retail Show!

January 23rd-24th 2017

Orleans Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada