PRD Miniatures - Paris Renfroe / by Cindy Gonzales

I am happy to welcome back the design extraordinaire, Paris Renfroe!

 Artist Bio:

I create highly detailed 1:12 scale modern furniture and structures primarily for collectors, as well as architects and interior designers.

As a furniture designer, I have always enjoyed the model building process when designing and developing prototypes. In my early design years, I would submit a 1:12 scale model of a coffee table or shelving design along with some drawings to a potential client. These were always a huge hit with the clients, and so I began to sign them as art collectibles.

When the recession began in 2008, business slowed to a crawl. To keep my creative spirit alive, I began creating many of my new designs in 1:12 scale and then I’d photograph them together. I needed to create some modern roomboxes to shoot them in, so I focused on shipping containers and the architecture that utilizes them called 'Cargotecture.' Repurposed shipping containers create some very cool, modern residential and commercial spaces so I thought these would make great miniature roomboxes.  In order for my designs to stand out, I decided to name them M112 Pods. M for Modern and 112 for the 1:12 scale that I make them in. Demand for these Pods grew quickly, and so did interest in my 1:12 modern furniture designs.

In 2010 I launched my very first online store PRD Currently the business is operated out of my garage, additional employees and a retail space is on the horizon.

My client base ranges from architectural and design professionals, design students, and collectors of modern miniatures. Although I create in the same scale as the more popular dollhouses and furniture in 1:12 scale, I’d describe it being more akin to architectural model building when it comes to form and function.

I see a current trend of people being overwhelmed with the digital era, so going back to actual models as opposed to expensive 3D computer models and renderings. I offer a much more interesting way to learn/teach spacial planning(popular with design students)as well as an affordable solution to creating full size furniture prototypes. I am also pursuing avenues in the diecast car collectible market and the Pet products industry.

 The recession has made many of us reassess our dreams. Many of us have had to 'scale' back on our spending. Creating beautiful pieces in miniature allow many of our clients to achieve their dreams in a much more affordable fashion.

I currently have over 300 clients in over 18 countries and in almost all of the 50 US states. With interest growing in miniatures, I feel that in order to 'go big', I had to 'go small.’


Small Stories Dream Room ‘Rejuvenate’ layout - Paris Renfroe/PRD Miniatures


Bathrooms are not just a place for cleansing the body. They can be an escape, a sanctuary for renewal, or rejuvenation. In this room, the viewer becomes the user, drawn in by the clear, calm blue waters that lie just beyond. They might imagine soaking in the large blue tub for two. Maybe they are relaxing in the chaise lounge contemplating whether or not to take a quick swim. Or taking an extended shower  in the indoor/outdoor shower equipped with body jets and oversized rain head. Picture your very own private beach getaway each time you step into your bathroom. As the viewer ponders the possibilities, the ‘Dream’ becomes reality. 

Created with flickr slideshow.




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