Wild Wolf Miniatures / by Beverly Simon

We are happy to welcome Gideon Wolf of Wild Wolf Miniatures in the retail only Esplanade room. Gideon and his wife live in the beautiful Boulder River Valley, south of the small community of Big Timber, Montana. In 2002, Wolf was looking for something to keep himself busy in his retirement years. Irvin and Sigrid Fjare were family friends and Wolf was always fascinated with the furniture Orvin created. Orvin passed on some skills, techniques and Gideon found himself enjoying himself. After about a year, he purchased his own tools a setup shop. He continued to work with Orvin until he stopped making miniatures. Gideon has created his own pieces since 2008. He continues to make Orvin’s signature piece, the Wooton Cabinet Secretary, other Wooten reproductions and a variety of other furniture.  http://www.wildwolfminiatures.com/


See Wild Wolf Miniatures at the CIMTA 2017 Retail Show!

January 23rd-24th 2017

Orleans Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada