Faith K Lefever / by Cindy Gonzales

We are pleased to announce the ingenious Faith K Lefever.

Hi I am Faith! I live up in the high rockies and love every minute of it!

I just started oil painting this year (2016) and enjoy painting old classics in miniature form as well as painting classics with my own twist.  

Come join me by viewing my progress and growth as a painter while I get paint on literally everything I own. 

Before I started painting my medium of choice was photography, I spent 7 years learning everything I could about photography and retouching. While I still photograph, and still do retouching work, painting has stole my heart and I feel extremely lucky to have the time to practice and paint.   

Faith will be in the retail Esplanade room.
Source: Faith K Lefever

See Faith K Lefever at the CIMTA 2017 Retail Show!

January 23rd-24th 2017

Orleans Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada