Contract Information


Show Placement

Show placement is first come, first serve, without regard to past show placement. You must make a deposit to secure your spot. Lets keep it fair.

Deadlines and Payment Schedule

November 4 is the deadline for submissions. No exceptions. Last minute submissions will not be accepted. Online contract will close and you won't be able to open it. CIMTA is penalized for last minute changes with our providers.

December 4 is the deadline for payments. Payments after December 4th, will be assessed a surcharge of $200 plus balance due for wholesale only & $100 for retail-only. If there is a payment due after January 4th, your space will be dropped and no refund will be issued. If a no show is not due to extraneous circumstances, the exhibitor will jeopardize being invited back to CIMTA. Late payments and no shows hurt CIMTA, please don't do that!

Order changes to tables or placement may be accepted up the November 4th deadline. Afterwards, they cannot be accepted. At the show, there will be no changing, in the past our provider would sit around for last minute changes. This is way too expensive. Please pick and choose carefully and bring your own table linens to dress the table.

Writing a bad check will incur fees that must be passed onto the issuer.

Contract Submissions

CIMTA will no long distribute paper contracts. Online submissions are highly preferred. Newsletters and announcements will also distribute electronically. If you don't have a computer and are in the USA, you can access a computer at your local public library at: There is staff on-hand to help. If you require a paper contract, they will be available soon on CIMTA.COM.

Online submissions paid by debit or credit card are time stamped when submitted successfully (you will see a confirmation of submission). However, if online submission is paid for by check, the submission time will be when check is received and cleared.

Paper submissions will be prioritized by postmark date. Both paper and online submissions will have a follow-up with booth placement.


Room Reservation Requirements

To keep prices competitive, we need exhibitors to stay at the Orleans for at least two nights. You can use promotions from the Orleans, but please e-mail CIMTA so we get credited for it. A spreadsheet will be pulled from the Orleans to verify reservations through CIMTA Room Block.

Changing Room Reservations and Room Cancellations

Please contact Orleans directly for room reservations. If you still need additional assistance after contacting Orleans, please contact us at Cancellations for rooms falls under the Orleans Hotel & Casino's cancellation policy (not CIMTAs). For the latest information about the cancellation policy, please contact the hotel directly at:(702) 365-7111 or observe the the cancellation policy during booking online.

B Connected Program at Orleans Hotel & Casino

Upon check in, you may be presented with a B Connected Card. CIMTA does not prohibit or endorse gambling, it's a personal choice. Should you decide to participate, please go to: B Connected - Orleans Hotel & Casino

Wifi Connectivity

While Wifi is provided in your hotel room, and downstairs in common areas, Complimentary Wifi is not provided in the convention space. The Wifi is completely controlled by Cox Communications in the convention space and is very expensive. You are encouraged to buy your own hotspot, cellular smartphone, or cellular tablet to process credit cards. Most hotspot or cellular tablet plans have a prepaid option that allow you to pay for just what you use.

Retail Sales are Subject to Nevada Tax

Current Nevada Sales Tax is at 8.15%, Exhibitors are Responsible for Collecting Sales Tax. For exhibitors that retail, I will collect the sales tax at the end of the show and remit it to Nevada Department of Taxation.

Exhibiting Space & Trade Show Guidelines

All literature, product packaging, sales slips, signed or initialed items, must correspond to the assigned business name. 

Each transaction should have a detailed receipt with item description, price, and contact information.

If you would like to move to retail only in Esplanade, you must wait 3 years since your last CIMTA show.

Children under the age of 12 will not be permitted on the trade show exhibit floor during setup, workshops or exhibit hours. Children 12 years and older will be permitted in the exhibit space, as one of the two associates.

Pricing Guidelines 

Please do not sell your products at wholesale to retail consumer buyers. Doing so not only hurt stores, but will jeopardize being invited back to CIMTA. We want it to be a positive experience for all attendees.

If you decide to wholesale and retail, it's encouraged to price your items at retail, and give the wholesale customer either a custom price list or tell the wholesale buyer the percentage off.

Liability Insurance

Exhibitors will provide and pay for their own insurance to cover personal or property loss/damage. CIMTA is not responsible for lost or stolen items. If you are exhibiting alone and need relief, please see tradeshow managment so they can cover your table. If the show is canceled, I will not hold CIMTA Inc. or the hotel liable. I release the members of the CIMTA board and their assistants from all liability from injury or loss to me or my property, employees or agents.

Lunches at the Orleans

Wholesale & retail/wholesale exhibitors are provided up to 2 lunches per day.

Retail-only exhibitors can have up to 1 lunch per day

Lunches usually consists of a choice of sandwich, chips and a drink.

If you have dietary restrictions, you must submit your allergy to cimtainc@gmail by contract deadline so that reasonable accomodations can be provided.



The Orleans Hotel & Casino
At Attention: Name of the hotel guest or name of the person picking up the package (including their cell number)
4500 West Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89103


The Orleans Business Center – John H. Olarte [Next to the escalators to the right on exhibit floor]

Utilize UPS/FedEx or a private carrier account.
Cost is UPS/FedEx shipping fee plus handling fee.
Handling Fee:
Up to 60lbs $10.00
61lbs to 99 lbs. $15.00
100lbs and over: .35 per lb

CIMTA Headquarters & Trade Show Coordinator

Jeremy Gonzales
848 N. Rainbow Blvd. #4359 
Las Vegas, NV 89107
Office Hours: Tues or Thursday – 10:00-3:00 pm PST and 1:00:-6:00 pm EST

Phone: 702-997-2077-  – Email:

I have read and will conform to the CIMTA Inc. policy and guidelines regarding show participation. Failure to conform may result in the loss of opportunity to sell at future CIMTA Inc. shows.

The Board grants the Trade Show Coordinator the authority to enforce guidelines established by the Board and to recommend additional regulations and procedures. Additional regulations and procedures are subject to Board review and approval.

By submitting a contract you acknowledge all policy, procedures, and guidelines presented.

For best results, use the previous and next buttons on the form rather than using your browsers forward and back button.

This year we require a headshot to be uploaded for the exhibitor and associate badge. The photo will only be on your badge, it will not be distributed, or shared with anyone. This is only for identification only. You can also e-mail a photo to If you don't have a digital camera, you can either use your cellphone or physically send in a passport photo. Here are some places you can get a reasonable passport photo (any size).
Please note that helpers do not need photos, however they still need badges.
Please note that CIMTA cannot accept contract without Orleans Hotel Room Reservations.
Minimum Stay: 2 nights 1/16/2017 - 1/28/2017
Room Cut off: 12/17/2016
Tue 1/16/17 Wed 1/17/17 Thurs 1/18/17 Fri 1/19/17 Sat 1/20/17 Sun 1/21/17
Tues 1/23/17 Wed 1/24/17 Thurs 1/25/17
$44 $44 $44 $99 $99 $44 $44 $44 $44 $44 $99 $99 $44
CIMTA can no longer accept hotel reservations on behalf of guests. The exhibitor must book the reservation directly with Orleans. Hotel reservations can be made online or by phone. Exhibitors are now responsible for all reservations, modifications, and cancellations.
Resort Fee - There is a mandatory Resort Fee, currently $15.99 per room, per day, plus tax. The Resort Fee includes in room Wi-Fi, access to the Fitness Center, in-room coffee, in-room safe, unlimited local & 800 calls as well as free Wi-Fi in Java Vegas Coffee Shop & High-Speed Internet Access in our Business Center. The Resort Fee and its inclusions are subject to increase without prior notice.
Taxes - Clark County Room Tax is currently 12%
Using Room Promotion by Orleans via Mail - You can now use them toward your two night minimum. Please just let me know you used them via e-mail so I can make sure CIMTA gets credit.
Check In/Check Out - Check-in for arrival begins at 4:00 p.m. Check-out time is at 12:00 noon. Hotel agrees to make rooms available prior to the stated check-in time and to extend late check-out to guests on a preferential basis, if available.
Bellman Delivery of Items to Exhibitor Space - A delivery fee of $10.00 per cart (you can actually haul a lot of things on the cart) will apply to deliveries. Tips are not required but customary.
Orleans Hotel Cancellation Policy - Hotel policy for cancellation of an individual guaranteed reservation is at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to scheduled arrival date. Rooms released less than forty-eight (48) hours prior to arrival date and all no-shows will be subject to a cancellation penalty equivalent to the first night’s room and tax.
Room Block Sold Out - If you find that the rooms are unavailable under CIMTA's room block, please contact Our block may be able to be increased to accomodate the request.
You will get a link for room reservations and the telephone number on your e-mailed receipt.
You can make reservations online or by phone. You will be charged the first night to secure your reservation. The amount charged is dependent on the day you come in on (please reference the table above).
You will get a link for room reservations and the telephone number on your e-mailed receipt.
You will not be able to make room reservations until April 30th, 2016.