An Exhibiting Member is a professional handcrafter. Items are traditionally made and sold by the artist. Items are often unique and are not mass produced. It's not expected that you have 100s of each of your items. You may combine different elements from different manufacturers to create your own product.

An Exhibiting Member is also a manufacturer. You are the sole channel of selling your items which can be made by someone other than yourself.

Items should be priced at wholesale. There is no set percentage that is required off the retail price. Handcrafters typically have more flexibility with their pricing, because by definition, handcrafted items are unique and limited in supply. Beyond materials & time, price is reflected by what the market thinks it's worth.

Wholesale Exhibiting Members do not want the time and expense of traveling from retail-to-retail show. They are looking to fulfill sizable orders rather than small quantity orders. Their time is freed up to do what they do best, creating one-of-a-kind items. The buyers at CIMTA use their expertise to curate the appropriate collections for their stores and market, sell, and provide customer service to the end buyer. 

The exhibitor member is a free agent and can do one show or multiple shows at CIMTA. They are also free to retail their items. However, please be cautious about retailing your items. You do not want to damage the relationship between yourself and the buyer. For example, selling at or less the wholesale price through a retail channel. Buyers are often sourcing for unique items that are not easily available through other retail channels. Buyers value variety and enjoy seeing new items each show.

Retail Only Exhibiting Members are mostly responsible for fulfilling their own orders. They choose not to utilize stores to distribute their items. They are completely responsible for pick, pack, and ship, advertising and customer service. They typically fulfill many small orders rather than doing a few large orders.

At CIMTA, the choice is yours how you sell.