Katharyne Shelton's Masterclass and CIMTA Create Software


Katharyne Shelton is coming to CIMTA!! She lives in San Diego and was born in Guernsey in the British Channel Islands. She started her professional life as a software developer and dabbled in performing arts. While studying performance art, she discovered eBay (is there anything this woman can't do?!) and found items at car boot sales (think garage sales in the back of the car -- sweet!). eBay was extremely lucrative and was a way to make money quickly.

Armed with her formal training in performing arts, she was U.S. bound. Her backup plan was her MBA. She found herself in the most expensive zip code in the USA and with a lack of performance art opportunities she turned back to eBay. eBay quickly re-ignited her passion for treasure. She frequently tells her students "treasure is everywhere!".

While she enjoyed eBay, she found Amazon more scalable and dived into the platform, hitting six figures in her first year. She has experience selling on other platforms as well as her own website. She has since branched out to white label, private label products, self-publishing and harnessing the power of social networks to grow her business. She has built a reputation as a hitmaker, teaching hundreds of happy students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed on Amazon. Many of them have gone on to create listings that became number one releases and number one best sellers on Amazon.

She writes for ASD and speaks there regularly, and is a popular speaker at a variety of conferences and events. The best part is that Katharyne is not just a talker, but she actually resells as well. I think you will find her information helpful and her delivery is high energy. Her style is always under promise over deliver.

Katharyne at CIMTA:

Katharyne Shelton, an e-commerce consultant will be joining CIMTA this year. Regardless on how you currently sell your items, e-commerce is too big to ignore.
All CIMTA participants will get access to Katharyne's first class for free. It will be held from 8:00AM -10:00AM on January 22nd, Sunday.
For $197 you get access to CIMTA exclusive software and the mastermind class for one-on-one in-depth instructions on successfully selling online. The CIMTA-exclusive software is available now if you want a jump start. It includes video tutorials, tools to optimize your lists, and how to engage an audience with social media. 
The paid mastermind class will be held from 4:00PM-6:00PM on January 22, Sunday.
If you are on the fence about attending the paid class, make sure you go to the free class. There will be a lot of valuable information no matter if you decide to do the paid course/software. You can pay for the course at the show.

For more information and to sign up and pay for the masterclass and custom software please click below: