Annual Supporting Membership Dues

Annual supporting membership partially substances the cost of the annual wholesale trade show. The annual wholesale membership dues are July 2016 - June 2017. If you are a wholesale exhibitor, you prepay your supporting dues for the next year (if you submit your contract prior to July 2016).

Retail Only Exhibitors are not required to pay supporting membership dues. However, if they decide to buy wholesale in the Mardi Gras, they must add supporting membership.

Current Price of Supporting Membership: $65

The amount is not prorated and is non-refundable.

Please keep in mind that $65 doesn't just cover lunch, it supports the price of the exhibit space, provides a discount for hotel rates, and helps sustain CIMTA as a whole. Membership also gives you access to the Annual General Membership Meeting. It gives you an opportunity to voice any concerns and post meeting allows for an informal social hour. 


There was some misconceptions about non-supporting membership dues in the past. Non Supporting Membership is for those that do not want to purchase wholesale but are attending CIMTA for other reasons. One example would be a trade magazine representative, that wishes to connect to vendors. They are more than welcome to attend the show under a non-supporting member. However, the non-supporting member does not have access to the Annual General Membership Meeting.